Product Center

Product Specification

There are many kinds of products and complete specifications. It includes a full range of diodes, rectifier bridges, triode, MOS, voltage stabilizing circuit, optocoupler and other products. It has the ability of independent research and development design, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing, sales and technical service. We can provide customers with a strong and reliable series of products, and provide a one-stop solution service.

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Package Outline

The corresponding appearance photos of all kinds of products, the specific package size and the corresponding weld plate size, etc.

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Packaging Information

The internal and external packing method, size, quantity and label of all kinds of products.

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Product Certification

For products with product certification requirements, such as rectifier bridge and optocoupler, UL and VDE.CQC.FI national grid are approved respectively.

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Quality Center

Win Users With Quality

Quality assurance, equipped with modern equipment, can inspect raw materials in terms of material, shape, characteristics and technology, monitor the quality of process effectively and check the quality of finished products.

About Us
The Changzhou Galaxy Century Microelectronics Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales and service of semiconductor devices. The company relies on decades of experience, with professional team and practical quality control system to support the introduction of a large number of professional equipment on behalf of the international advanced level, constructed from product development, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing sales service complete industry chain vertical integration.

Contact Us

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  • No. 19 Changjiang North Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu

ICP:NO.1106072(Jiangsu)   Police-ICP:NO.32041102000044(Jiangsu)

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